Let's talk!
TOGETHER we can ensure effective action
for climate and nature restoration.

Contact us NOW, all help and expertise are most welcome!

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You can support us in many ways.
You can work with us and take action as a Planet Fundation FRIEND by ...

spreading the word as AMBASSADOR

As a famous and remarkable personality from the worlds of music, sport, film, art, gaming, ... help us shine a spotlight on climate emergency and the climate actions that we need to achieve.
We need you to reach the people that we cannot reach all by ourselves and raise awareness. Please help us spread the word across the world.

funding our projects as SPONSOR

Without funds, we cannot take action against climate change. Your financial support will make this goal possible!
You can engage in our projects through different levels of sponsorship and in return, we promise to talk about your philanthropic commitment in our communication tools. Big as well as small financial aids are, of course, accepted.
We look forward to collaborating with you.

providing professional and technical expertise as PARTNER

Your expertise, professional experience and advice are top skills that we need in order to be able to bring to life our projects. Core skills such as legal, technical, environmental knowledge, digital, finance, ... would help us become more competent and be better achievers.
Together, we can make "action speak louder than words"!

providing a venue or digital platform for hosting one of our events as EVENT CO-HOST

Fundraising events, either in-person or digital will be one of our main activities in order to collect funds for our projects. Venues are usually expensive and we wish to spend maximum funds in our causes rather than in logistics.
By providing spaces for holding our #PlanetFUNDays events, you will help us save money and fund more projects.

give some of your time as VOLUNTEER

Several volunteer opportunities will be available throughout the year if you are interested in devoting some of your free time to our causes.
Donate your time, event if it is only a few hours.
Your help is very meaningful to us.

create buzz as FOLLOWER

Help us create buzz around Planet Fundation's actions and events!
Spread the word on social media or in person, to your group of friends, family members, colleagues ...
Help us raise awareness, educate people and make them gather for a good cause that concerns each and everyone of us.