Redraw the world with us!
Become a Planet Fundkid
or Planet FundArtist,
donate your drawing.
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You have recently seen, heard or experienced climate change effects and natural disasters happening in different parts of the world.
Share with us your opinions and thoughts. Speak out through your drawing and make your voice heard!
Donate your drawing, first, it will cheer us up to know that you are following us and also, it will contribute in helping us get additional funds for our projects. We sincerely thank you for your precious help and engagement.

We will soon launch the Planet FundArt programme. Follow us to get our latest updates!

Be a Planet FundKid

You love drawing and painting, donate your drawing, your creativity will help us fund our projects.
Your voice also matters, speak out through your drawing!

Source: Photo - ProjectManhattan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Be a Planet FundArtist

Artists, graphic designers, street artists, ... together let's redesign our planet! Donate your artwork, your art will help us tackle climate change!